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Welcome to Market Masters!

Walkthrough Video

Below you will find a written guide to help navigate your way around our community

Support Channel
  • Within our support channel, you will notice multiple options to choose from: General Support, Upgrade to Premium, Manage Subscription, Cancel Premium, & Web App Help. Please choose the option best suited to your needs. When opening a ticket, it is best to describe the issue/matter at hand so a member of our support team can best assist you
App Login
  • This channel will provide you with a detailed video explanation on how to log-in to our Web App!
How to Navigate
  • As the name suggests, this channel will provides a detailed video going through each channel that Premium offers to you. It also includes our onboarding documents
Start Here
  • Our start-here channel is mainly for members who aren't completely sure of where to begin. Here, you will find an embedded message that directs you to our educational course, a hyperlink to our personalized broker recommendations with pros/cons, as well as some tips helping you navigate your way around the community
Start Course
  • Here, we connect you to our 97+ educational course within our Web App that is structured in a clear cut manner to help you strengthen your trading knowledge.
  • Custom made bonuses within our Web App that are designed to offer you easy access to tracking your trading journey, whether it's your own personalized stock journal to options workspaces within TD Ameritrade's thinkorswim
Crypto Course
  • Like our stock market course, we also have a personalized crypto course for anyone interested within our Web App. It covers a variety of topics ranging from crypto exchanges and platforms to crypto patterns and mining
Livestream Schedule
  • The livestream schedule will accurately inform you of when one of our team members will be hosting a live session. You will typically be tagged numerous times to remind you of any upcoming sessions within the day
Affiliate Signup
  • Interested in earning some extra cash while banking with Market Masters? Here, you can refer your friends to Market Masters Premium and earn a percentage of their payment as an incentive